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What is the safe following distance?
i. 50 feet
ii. 100 feet
iii. reasonable and prudent
iv. 200 feet

2. A flashing red traffic light means
i. Stop until the light turn green
ii. Slow to less than 10 miles per hour
iii. Proceed with caution, prepare to stop
iv. Stop proceed when way is safe

3. It is illegal to park in these places
i. 25 feet from a fire hydrant
ii. 15 feet from a crosswalk at an intersection
iii. 100 feet from a railroad crossing
iv. all the above

4. Carbon monoxide coming from your car smells like
i. Burning leaves
ii. Fresh gasoline
iii. Burning rubber
iv. Has no odor

5. Hard surface roads are likely to be especially slick
i. When its start to rain
ii. Just after center line is painted
iii. After raining for several hours
iv. If it’s a new road

6. The minimum legal distance one can park from a designated crosswalk at an intersection
i. 10
ii. 15
iii. 20
iv. 50

7. when approaching to the top of the hill, a driver should
i. watch for oncoming cars in your lane
ii. watch all warnings signs for possible danger on the road ahead
iii. look for slow traffic just over the hill
iv. all the above

8. using drug and alcohol together can
i. multiply the effect of alcohol and create an additional effects
ii. cause serious health problems
iii. cause death
iv. all of the above

9. It is unlawful to park within what distant from a fire hydrant
1. 15
2. 20
3. 30
4. 50

10. Penalties for DUI first offence include
1. A felony
2. Imprisonment in jail for not less than 10 days nor more than one year
3. A fine for no less than $ 1000.00
4. All of the above
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