i'm sorry to continue to write by english but i have no arabic key board
,so please can any body tell me how can i make "3essh afghane"it is big and thine and i think made with whole wheat please help me gazakm allahu khyraan
25-04-1430 هـ, 10:14 مساءً

لا توجد تقييمات لهذا الموضوع

يمكنك البدء بإعطاء تقييم عبر الضغط على النجوم أدناه:
اختي هل تقصدي التميس الافغاني
مكن يكون بالبر او بالابيض انت اللي دقتيه بالمدينه كان بالبر وبالبر والله اطعم من الابيض

شوفي هدا هو اد هو قلولي وانا اديك الوصفه

25-04-1430 هـ, 11:53 مساءً
gazak allahu khayraan modmemt hawaa,it is my brother who wants it ,and asked me to try it,and i love bread too ,so any way he said it is really big big bread and he said it is like the egyptian bread made with wheat " which might be al beeer "i don't know but he said it is really nice and very soft ,so he made me wants to eat it before i see it, he went to make omra in al soadyaa and he ate it there , so if u can help me i'll truly be grateful to u ,gazaak allau khyraan inshaa allah for ur answer
26-04-1430 هـ, 12:36 صباحاً
by the way i have never been to saudi arabia ,and i don't know what is tamees and how it test modmenet hawaa ,and thank u so much for ur help
26-04-1430 هـ, 01:06 صباحاً
26-04-1430 هـ, 03:14 صباحاً

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