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i made two bread from the recipe and one took extra cooked but still test good,did i make it right???

28-04-1430 هـ, 03:45 مساءً

ما شاء الله عليك هو هدا التميس وممكن يكون سميك مثل ما انت عملاه وممكن يكون ارق كمان شويه بس طالع معاك ما شاء الله وعلى انه اول تجربه انا بقولك تقربه ناجحه جدا جدا وممتازه .
و هو مع الفول المصري لزيز جدا وهنا في السعوديه بتاكل مع وجبة الافطار او العشاء مع الفول او العدس
ومتشكره على الدعوات الحلوه وربنا يحفظلك بنتك وان شاء الله تزورو مكه والمدينه وتدوقوا التميس كمان
وانا عارفه انه مش بيشبه للمرحرح بالطعم انا قصدي يشبهه بالحجم . لكن ما بيشبه له بالطعم .

وانا حعيد ملفي تبع الخبز ان شاء قريب واول ما انزل الملف راح ارسلك على الخاص ابلغك واسالي اي سوال والله انا ما بمل من الرد على الاسئله
بس انا صاري يومين مابقعد على النت لاني حاليا في بيت اهلي اول ما ارجع على بيتي راح ابدا احمل ملف الخبز وراح استناكي هناك في الملف الجديد ومستنيه اسألتك واستفساراتك ولو عندك طريقه خبز حلوه كمان تقولي لي عليها عشان اطبقها وانزلها
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oh gazak allahu khyraan modment hawaa , i truly pray to you you r so nice and so kind person , well honest my brother told me about tamees and i told him i'll search for it ,and i made it and turned out great " but i made a mistake by putting alot of salt " and my husband and my child loved it ,he said it is salty test great but he said make it salty again but i need a cup of coke beside it " well we didn't have coke in that time but i ate it with soup and my father in law liked it too ,i'll absolutely repeat it and put little sugar again in it" like big table spoon is very ideal + small flat sp. of salt" a

and thank you so much about your wishes to visit Mecca and al Madina ,i would honestly do it when god ease it ,
and about al merahrah ohhhhhh god test sooooooo good in egypt" certain places from the streets in AL-Giza, you buy it from al fala7een ,and it is ohhhh so moist sooooo big ,has little whole wheat flour + bran

and gazak allhu khyran about thinking about me and saying that you send me a message about the types of bread file, u r so generous ,i felt kinda heavy to ask all these questions honestly ,but you were kind enough to answer me thank you for your patience

i usually don't enter online alot ,especially friday,sat, and sunday , ,sometimes i don't enter at all and i understand that some times it is hard to enter to the net whenevr you are at your family not at your husband's house any way i have a bread recipe that is really nice and you might like it ,i tried 2 times ,but sometimes it might need to increase flour or milk or water ,ok here you goooooooooooooooooo the recipe " eftekasaa) " wallahy it tested great ,tryy

three and half cups flour
big table spoon yeast
3/4 cup of pinapple juice
1 large egg
1/4 cup of butter
3 big table spoon milk not powdered milk
1/4 cup blended pineapple
1/8 of a blended banana
1/4 cup of sugar\
1/4 tea sp ginger
1 table sp vegetable oil

,you mix every thing together and add flour butter should be melted for sure ,and after than knead it well it might need milk or flour " you know u just adjust it tell it become a dough" and after that you knead for 10 or 15 min or if you have a machine to knead" i don't have a machien i use my hands "
then let it rise or double in size in warm place " or warm the oven then turn it off then let it rise for fast results"
then roll it into small rolls or like khaleet al nahal ,,make it any rolls you want any shape , i usually roll it the size of the hand " kaf al yed or smaller" then let it rise and bake on 375 F
it test sweet it doesn't test pineapple or banana ,but it has nice soft texture
i wish i can write it down for every body but i'm not good in measuring and i have english keyboard and don't know how to download pictures the way you do it ,i just had to download it on another website ,and it was the first time in my life to do that actual y
so it would be nice from you to make the recipe and if you like it post it inshaa allah

once i get the ingrediants for my bread i'll fix it and show it to you , but if you want to go ahead and fix it ,believe me it test really good

and i want to let you know i make ,pita bread" your way",and some times toast " dardahet matabeekh 's way" and
now tamees ,and the other recipe i just wrote that's it ,i make "3agenet al 10 dakaek

i just make alot of pita bread " not everyday " but for my child sake "
and also i make tortilla but without measures ,one and half cup flour+half small sp baking powder + salt+ sugar+1 table sp butter+1 table sp veg. oil + water , some times it ends by using 2 and half cup of flour

that all what i do i wish i have more recipes i would give it to you and every body by a heart beat wallahy inshaa allah try this bread and let me know the results and if you liked it or not " if u didn't llike it still tell me ,i won't feel bad "

gazak allahu khyran again
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