thanks don ,heba thank you i will prepare my defence tools and join you
don which i mean the place nany talk about said you visit in other place where some of the members opened their subject thanks
20-06-1426 هـ, 07:14 مساءً
heba i wait your salmon
20-06-1426 هـ, 07:15 مساءً
يا جيدا يا حبيبتى ما هو نفس اللينك يا امى الى انا حاطه لكى

لا حول الله من اولها كده

بصى تعالى مع حد عشان لو جيتى لوحدك مش كويس علينا
20-06-1426 هـ, 07:42 مساءً
my salmon, it depends ghidaa maybe i will find my self and nooooooooody out of the kitchen tomorrow morning
Don has the right to kick us out ya mama, As you see she does not like my cooking so according to her answer I will cook or I will be cooked . I will be THE salmon in saa allah
20-06-1426 هـ, 07:49 مساءً
ok we will wait the BOSS thanks again heba however i will go alone
20-06-1426 هـ, 08:00 مساءً

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