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موفقات يالغاليات
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خواتي a7laa_toot طوق البنفسج Soull-1 وتوته الحلوة
مشكورات كلكن الغاليات،، وانشالله الكل بيفيد ويستفيد
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نحن فى الانتظار
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[align=center]وظيفة سكرتير / سكرتيرة في شركة محلية للطيران

ماقدرت أترجم الوظيفة لأنها بتاخذ مني وايد وقت...
إغلاق الوظيفة بيكون في 2 أغسطس 2005[/align]

[align=left]The Position: The successful incumbent will support the Vice President Advertising and the Advertising dept. in all aspects of administration, including secretarial duties, office management, conferences and presentations, material distribution and campaign flow. Responsibililties will include managing the daily schedule of Vice President Advertising including supervising the department's salary administration and supporting the advertising team in a variety of office environment, support service and cross functional initiatives in order to improve effectiveness, profile and efficiency. The post holder must be willing to work/be contactable well beyond DXB office hours and comfortable liaising with multiple international media owners and advertising agencies.

Salary & Benefits:We offer an attractive tax-free salary, paid in Dirhams, the local currency of the UAE. Besides travel benefits normally associated to an airline.

Experience and Qualifications:

Graduate level
Secretarial qualification or diploma is essential.
Shorthand and/or speed-writing would be an advantage.
At least 4 years experience in an administrative capacity in a medium or large size company with strong administrative skills.
Must be fully competent in MS Office, Excel and Power-point applications.
Must have a high degree of fluency in spoken and written English, a pleasant telephone manner and the ability to prioritise work.[/align]

[align=center]اللي تبا تقدم لهالوظيفة تراسلني الخاص[/align]
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بنات العين ما شي شغل لهم
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الساعة الآن 05:31 .

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