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والله يجعله في ميزان حسناتك
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تسلمين اختي همس الهوى
أغاريد بوظبي + ماما جويرية جيكو الخاص
أمل 55
كتكوته 2005 مشكورة حبيبتي
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اسمحولي ,,, والله ماعندي وقت عشان اترجم الكم شي,,,

Sales Administrator – AED 5,000/-
Plus sponsorship, medical and annual ticket.

As part of this leading regional food distributor, you will play an integral role providing administrative support to the Key Account Manager and the sales team. Located in Sharjah, our client’s reputation is strong and sure in the market and they are undergoing continued growth and development. This role offers diverse administrative tasks, including:-

Compiling, analyzing and maintaining swales data pertaining to distribution, visibility tracking, hardware updates and promotional planning

Reading competitor surveys, business reviews and profitability summaries

Preparing sales presentations, promotional proposals and tenders

Following up on project submissions

Scheduling meetings travels arrangements, conferences and department activities

Generating and handling all incoming and outgoing correspondence

Maintain and updates sales personnel data

Coordinate with HR for recruitment and appraisal activity for the department

Applicants must possess a degree with excellent communication skills both verbally and written in English. Additionally the ability to speak Arabic would be viewed as advantageous by our client. We invite applications from those candidates who meet the above criteria and possess at least three years experience in an administrative role in a large corporate environment. Working hours: Sat – Weds 8.00am – 5.30pm and Thursday from 8.00am – 1.00pm

اللي تبى هالوظيفة عالخاص
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أعتقد أختى الصيدله والله يوفقك
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تسلمين حبيبتي NANNOOCA عالموضوع المفيد والي اكيد استفادوا منه معظم بنات المنتدى..

حبيت استشيركم ابشئ واعرف انكم مابتقصرون ويايه ..

انا طالبه اتخرجت هالسنه من الثانويه العامه ومحتاره واااااااايد بين تخصصين الي هم :


بغيت اعرف اي تخصص احسن فيهم و بيكون مطلوب اكثر بعد التخرج من الكليه طبعا , وبمعاش مناسب..

محتاجه آرائكم ونصايحكم..

... ومشكوره اختي مره ثانيه عالموضوع الرائع..
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