Maroon Velvet 2 cushions Mixed sequence Machine Work
with black Back 12"X12"

26-09-1426 هـ, 09:27 مساءً

شراشف للآطفال آولاد و بنات:
Single Bedsheets 257X174cm - 1Pillow Case 45X66cm

Single Comforter Cover 134X214vm - 1Pillow Case 45X66cm
with rope: Aed90
without rope: Aed65
26-09-1426 هـ, 09:33 مساءً

the lamp shade: Organza Lamp shade Embroidered with Sequence filling

the tissue box+ Bin: Sequence + Embroidery
26-09-1426 هـ, 09:47 مساءً

full Sequenced Throw 40"X80 blue color Aed:110

Full Sequence 2cushions Matching with the lamp shade and the throw Aed:175

Matching Full Sequenced organza lamp shade Aed:90
26-09-1426 هـ, 09:54 مساءً

Sofa Throw with 6 Cushions- Jamawar Hand Embroidered
Velvet Border 40"X80"

26-09-1426 هـ, 09:57 مساءً

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