salamu alaikom akhawati i am living in london and i want to buy or rent a house in london i want it with garden and i want the rent to be sutable i am saudi and new in london and i will be their for ever so if some body has ahouse to rent or to sale i will rent it or buy it by credit i mean every month payment and i need your help i am working in daawa their because i am speaking english
i have bd in business adminstration and excperiance for 10 years as a financial controlar in king faisal hospital but i left my job because my husband is british and i should live in london so if any of ahal al khayr want to rent her house to me or help me find ahouse in london send me any information
jazaki allahu khayran ukhti

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no body answer i am new in the site and no welcome even
i am always here in the site but i registerd yesterday only
وعليكم السلام
ركن سيدات اعمال وليس ركن عقارات عندك قنات العقاريه تعرض كل يوم عدد من المساكن للبيع يمكن تلاقي طلبك
وبعدين انته في لندن بس انته عربي يليت لو كتبت رسالتك بلعربي علشان كل من يدخل المنتدا يستطيع قراة موضوعكو يمكن تلاقي رد واسفه على تدخلي
i don't have any idea sis
but i think you can put an advertisment (e3laan(
in any of british newspapers
It was sad to here that you left your country to live there
for ever

الساعة الآن 12:58 .