Welcome Jennaa, we all here sisters, we love chatting to gather and cheering our experience. Also I love to be your friend, if you like we can chat to gather by email or MSN. I’m from UAE.
16-12-1427 هـ, 03:58 مساءً
welcome jenaaa , its an honer to be a member in this forum , and your are welcome here and if you need any thing do not hasetied to ask for it .
welcome again my sister
16-12-1427 هـ, 09:53 مساءً
Shokrane everyone .

You are all every nice, my yahoo is Moroccansis@yahoo.co.uk.

I live in London
my origin magribiya
18-12-1427 هـ, 05:32 مساءً
تكلمي بالعربي عشان نفيدك انتي في منتدى عربي مو اجنبي وانشالله البنات يفيدونك
18-12-1427 هـ, 09:18 مساءً

الساعة الآن 10:23 .